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    This section is for selling parts from a whole car that is owned by or in the possession of a member.

    • Only subscribed members with a minimum of one months membership and 10 posts may create a thread in this section. People who have a lower amount will not be able to create a thread and there will be no exception to this rule. This is to deter people signing up to the site to sell parts.

    • One thread per car. The first page should be updated with the parts available so members can see what you have without having to post. If it isn't on the first page then it should be assumed you have sold the part or it is not available.

    •Parts for sale that are not from a car you are breaking should be placed in the normal for sale sections.

    •UKCougar.club does not accept any responsibility for parts sold from this forum. We are only here to provide the forum for adverts.

    • By posting in this section you are agreeing to the rules above.

The Breakers Yard

In here you will find Cougars being broken for spares.
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