1. R

    Is it worth buying a mondeo mk2 haynes manual for my v6 cougar.

    Is it worth buying a mk2 mondeo Haynes manual for a quick reference to my v6 cougar. I know the cougar is based on the mondeo, but is it that closly related?
  2. R

    cougar v6 wheel bearings , abs or none abs, that is the question.

    Hi, I need front wheel bearings on my v6 cougar, I've called ford and a few parts shops but they say 'on the system' my car is none abs, my car has an abs and traction control light amongst others that comes on and goes off when I start the car. This suggests to me my car has abs. Is there...
  3. V6SINGH

    Collection for Chris

    As Chris would accept nothing less than professional from Admin and Mods, here goes : This thread is on behalf of Admin to start a collection for a tribute to Chris. After a chat to Tim earlier, he has expressed, in his practical way lol, that expenses etc are all covered, charity wasn't...