2nd V6 Cat: ST200, Roush body kit, Multi Point LPG System, Tinted Windows


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Jun 7, 2010
This is my second V6 Cat. I bought it from another forum member about 6 months ago, (who bought it from another forum member). Since these pictures, I've fitted a double din bluetooth head unit, tinted windows, multi point LPG system. I'll get some newer pictures up when I get it back on the road. :(







Working fine for me amazing spoiler haha it is my old one still amazes me how well it suits a cougar I wish I could have one again.

Thanks, JJ. I haven't driven it in 6 weeks as I've had a whole world of pain with it. Should hopefully be back soon tho.
very very tidy looking ebony there got to disagree with you though jas i dont like that spoiler lol,you got a pic showing the wheels?
Diver was the user name I think, disagreeing is fine Paul still means I am right tho lol just kidding dude I always loved it hence wanting another one looks good on the cougar I think better than it does on the mgtf it was designed for.

I've never seen a Roush kit on an Ebony before, that looks the nuts. Looks like you give it the TLC it deserves too, very clean and shiny just how all Cats should be.
Thanks, peeps. I'm glad it's appreciated. I nearly decided to scrap it today. The engine has blown. I found a nice replacement, 50k only £200 but it's going to cost me at a load to fit it.

I was originally quoted £200, then £400...now they say at least £500. grrrr. I really shouldn't spend £700+ on it.....but the LPG system is worth £1500 and can't be taken off and put onto another one easily so this car has me by the balls. I have no choice but to fork out the cash...I'm currently driving an Evo 4 so need to have my nice economic cat back.

Noticed I will probably need replacement sills. That will be a tricky job, with the kit on. Anyone know a decent *cheap* body worker....?
....Then Mark sounds like a top bloke. My mate is from Bolton and was just there tonight. This could be the best news I've had in months.
Days work for those lot!
The LPG kit is worth the aggro tho, will pay for the motor swap in 3 months driving if you do a fair few miles, Gas is the way to go lol, very nice black cat too, sill work may cost you a bit tho, can it be patched or is it the whole sill?
LOL Everton, I just saw Charlie's 4x4. It's very tempting! I've become accustomed to 4x4 since I've been driving the evo. Topcat, thanks. Yeah think it could be patched... although it would need to be the size of my hand.. gulp! Yeah a days work is what I figured, but aparently it took the mechanic 3.5 hours just to disconnect all the LPG. I just need my cat back. It's been too long. LPG is definitely the way forward. I got the it converted as soon as I bought it. Is you car converted too ?