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Jul 13, 2010
Hi All

What a site! Should have searched for this before I bought maybe, but hey ho. Just bought my first Cougar as an early 40th birthday present to myself!! It's a 2001 X reg 2.5V6 with X pack and heated front screen, in blue. It has 2 previous owners and a full history, so hopefully it will be a car I can enjoy!!

Looking forward to finding my way around the site (and no doubt picking everyone's brains in due course).

Hi Tim and welcome to, your in the right place for all things cougar related, as well as some crazy banter. You will also be able to find all the fixes you need in our subscriber sections. Have a browse around the open forums and get a feel for the place, maybe pay a visit to the OFS. Remember! is the only workshop manual for the big cat.
Welcome to the forum Tim - spare tickets for cougarfest this Friday - Sunday up for grabs if you want to meet a few members (y)
Thanks! Looking forward to finding my way around! It is certainly a better drive than my everyday wheels (a Fiesta diesel!!), even if it is a bit more thirsty...

Thanks for the cougarfest ticket offers, sadly I'm working Friday & have other plans this weekend, but there's always next time!!
Hello and welcome aboard Tim. So, how many Tim's do we have on here now??? there's loads of us!!....and yes, my name is also Tim...and I'm the same age, although possibly a few months older than you lol.
welcome to the forum mate, you will certainly enjoy driving around in the cat more so than the fiesta, esp on a long run, (y)
Hi Tim and welcome to Is your car a C2 or an old one?[/QUOTE]

Oi! Dick, what's with this "Old One" business, you mean the Classic and very well styled C1 Cougar, the one that started heads turning long before the C2 came along LOL :LOL::LOL::LOL: