At last!...My Roush cougar (ZETEC)


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Nov 20, 2006
Mansfield (Robin Hood Country)
I thought i'd keep a catalogue of my progress with the Roush body kit, from preparation through painting and finally, fitting to the cougar.
After having the kit stored over winter in various rooms at home, I decided to get the kit prepared for spraying at last, but first, I had to have somewhere to do the work. My garage is 24ft x 12ft, so using 12ft x 8ft tarpaulins, I constructed a temporary spray booth inside, the booth is 16ft x 8ft.
I went shopping to my local re-finisher supplier and came away with all the parafinalia for finishing the job, and a much lighter wallet.
I constructed a simple frame to hold the parts for painting, had a few dummy runs with the air gun to check that the rails were at a height that I was comfortable with, and also in a position where I could easily access all parts to be sprayed.
The two side skirts I hung on the frame at one side of the booth, the two front valances were hung over the mini workbench, not ideal but they sat on there just right for spraying.
So, to the preparation:
The rear valance and two front valance were finished in red, while the two side skirts were unpainted with no primer. The rear valance will be painted as a separate job after fitting to the rear bumper, then sprayed as a single unit. To attempt to have all the parts in the booth at the same time would be impractical as I wouldn't have room for movement around the individual parts.
To start, I used a medium grade wet/dry paper to flat off the gloss of the red finish, I used the same grade over the side skirts.



After drying and cleaning, I prepared the primer 1part primer to 1part thinners, and sprayed at appx 50psi.


.The other two items at the bottom of the frame are my Lower rear infills for two fellow members.


After a couple of coats of grey primer, it was time to go with the base coat (Silver Frost FA/TU).
One very light coat, followed by a slightly heavier/thicker coat appx 20 minutes later.


Then, unfortunately, I hit my first problem, a reaction, what looked like a bit of string had been layed across the skirt. No string in my garage so, it's a mystery to me.


Nothing else for it, I had to wait for the paint to dry, enough to cut it out and respray with primer .


I carried on regardless with the front valances. 1Part lacquer 2parts fast hardner and 10% thinners.
Again, a quick dusting first coat, followed by a second slightly heavier coat, then a third finishing coat.


Left in a warm garage for a few hours, they are dry with a glossy shine. Later, i'll flat off the lacquer and buff with farecla' 3g paste.

DAY 2:
Back to the side skirts today, I cleared whatever had caused the reaction, gave the affected skirt another couple of coats of base coat and then they both had a couple of coats of lacquer.
At this point (Saturday) work was postponed while Rob and Tony paid a visit to my place to fix Rob's car.


Next task is the fitting:

Side skirts and front valances fitted without hitch and looking good, now for the rear bumper and valance.
The bumper needed a few minor repairs of its own, so I decided to fit the valance and then spray them as a single unit, I left the bumper attached to the car overnight.


I also fitted the PD1 reverse sensor aeriel before spraying.

On goes the primer:

...and the base coat, followed by the lacquer:


Back to the cat, one day later and a warm sunny day, notice! No exhaust tailpipes!


I needed to drill a 13mm hole for access into the boot space for the PD1 sensor aeriel wire:
This was treated with a rust remedy, then painted.
The wire was fitted with a grommet ready to be placed as the bumper is put into place.
Once fitted, the hole and grommet were coated in silicone sealant.


Ready for the fit:


...and , on she goes, temporarily fitted, using only the locating pegs :



Notice, exhaust pipes everywhere except where they should be, on the car.
I was expecting problems with my home made dual exits, but after a couple of cuts and clamps and bend adjustments, I managed to get them pretty much in place, although, i've decided I need to get a stainless cat-back system fitted, so I need to start saving some pennies again.

After a weeks work it's finally done, all four wheels back on the floor. Now I'll have to drive to Hardwick Hall, or Clumber Park or somewhere to get a couple of "arty" shots.

So here she is:

My "ROUSH" Zetec Cougar:


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Ditto. Looks great Alan, well worth all the work that you put into it. Bet it looks better in the flesh. Hope to be seeing it on Saturday :D
Exellent work Alan, The finished result is well worth all the effort you put in to getting it done (y)(y)
I don't like it mate, so if you would kindly remove it and sell it to me!!! ;-) lol

Seriously tho mate, looks fantastic, you have managed to get a cracking finish by the looks of it, bet it's nice knowing you can DIY now :)

Keep up the good work...
(y) Excellent, car looks spot on, also think the no limits grill combined with the front splitter looks the part. Must be the best looking Zetec on the planet.
Not my cuppa tea really :ihih: so seeing that i hate tea then its looking stunning Alan...Well done mate (y)