Bestest Birthday Present ever!



The good ol reliable Mondeo died a few months ago and with the usual budget of £1000 for a basic second hand car that we would get through a few MOT's and fix ourselves we trawled through e-bay listings. We looked at things that were a bargain because we could repair, we looked at Vectras and Mondeos and suddenly we saw a silver Cougar...... ooooo! We offered £1000 and picked it up the next day and I have not seen my other half grin so much since we decided that we would stop wasting money on new cars. Thing is that when I drove it I realised why he was grinning - vroooooom and love its individuality! Well I have not owned my own car since my first VW 5 door golf as I got married early and we became a mostly motorbike couple. I started hinting and look what I got for my birthday:

Very nice birthday pressie and welcome :)

My Cougar was my birthday pressie to me!! Back when they still cost a small fortune!! Enjoy the car ;)
Hello and welcome .You certainly get a lot of car for your money and it is basically a mondeo at heart so relatively easy to maintain yourself.
Psycho's missus I take it - welcome to the club Mrs Hippy - growing number of 2 (or even 3) cat families on here - nice to have your own I bet (y)
Psycho's missus I take it - welcome to the club Mrs Hippy - growing number of 2 (or even 3) cat families on here - nice to have your own I bet (y)
Yes, she certainly is my Mrs :)
I'm still slightly shell shocked by the fact that as of tomorrow we will be a 2 Cat, 2 Mini family!
I figured a standard V6 C1 with a genuine 68000 on it was a steal at the price, complete with a full service history until 8000 miles ago :)

Now we have to decide which one to bring to Cougarfest, or indeed if we should bring them both!
nice one mrs hippy, yes bring both, you wont regret it , mr hippy will be comparing frostys to see waht will look good on his, you may as well look at the blurples to see what mods will look like on yours, lol (y)
Welcome to the forum Mrs Hippy, very clean looking Blurple Cat. That makes three owner/members in Corsham.

I have seen a silver one going around and the hippy has seen a blue one parked at his work in Corsham - still don't know who the other Corsham owner is :)
That looks really tidy - only 68k on the clock too! Welcome to the club Mrs Hippy, be good to see both cats at Cougarfest (y)
Lovely looking cat you have there Mrs Hippy(y), that's the kinda b'day prezzie that would put a huge grin on anyone's face:cool:..............look after her & she'll look after you.

Welcome aboard
Welcome aboard Mrs Hippy. That is one nice birthday pressie. Good to see the fried eggs have already been replaced lol
Picked him up tonight - he drives lovely but the badly touched up scratches the seller mentioned are hideously touched up scratches (no exaggeration - looks like they were done with a colour too light and then a colour too dark - look like those fake scabs you used to get!!) Overall though he is low mileage, in good nick and has a full service history and goes vrooom very nicely :)