hmm............. ii well and truely Knackered it!! :oops:

guess i better get saving for a new one AGAIN as only thirdparty insurance :(

serves me right i guess for never changing those orange indicators at least i got out safe and sound

whole car for sale - whats left of it!!!

Ebay item number 140214956956




I'll tell you something - you're fcuking lucky!

I'll tell you something else - you must have been going some :eek:

Anyway, glad you're alright, and take it easy next time :wink:
Are you sure it won't polish out? :eek:

Glad you're here to tell the tale.
Stewart said:
Are you sure it won't polish out? :eek:

Glad you're here to tell the tale.

pmsl :roll:
But that is bad, it also gives a sense of security in a strange way, you got out ok. Good job.
Curiosity: Where was the accident and have you got any tips for reverse parking :oops:

Sorry dude, good luck with the next one :wink:
jamie_duff said:
Pid_16V said:
Hmm i know Jamie and its only up the road from me :?

I'll come down for a week if you fancy having a go 8)

(Might just stand around sniggering but you never know) :LOL:

Seriously mate, if i had the cash i would have been in there already with a cash offer, as i'm sure a few others have already done. :wink:
We'll see
Remmie - you are really lucky to be here to be able to post this for us!! :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: What a sight....... makes you feel slightly sick.

Are you saying you got out of this completely without any injuries??? :eek: :? :?
Ditto what Viv said...
maybe its a testiment to the Cougars integral constuction.
At least you walked away to tell the tale.. :wink:
On another note its sad to see one less Cat on the road...(or off the road as the case maybe).
bobster1982 said:
if you fancy a "group buy" :LOL: im interested in the interior. can spare time during the week to strip out.

I am watching this with great interest :eek: and might be able to consider a part buy :) :wink: but i would only be interested in engine and associated wiring :roll:
Car is actually 17.7 miles from where i am sat