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Cougarfest 2009 - The Aftermath!!


Official UKCougar Stuntman
Jul 29, 2005
BE11 3ND
Can we do idle chat, catch up, thank you's, **** off's, remember what we got upto etc in here please!!

Thanks, let the mess unfold!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :LOL::LOL::LOL::LOL::LOL::LOL::LOL::LOL::LOL:
spider bog, spider bog does what ever a spider bog does :LOL: highlights had to be rich and stabbys costumes and that astra!!!! :LOL: :LOL:

and Rich........ sorry about the tent man :LOL: it was down to misleading information :LOL: :LOL:

And dusty did you ever fill the fosters can?? :LOL:
I think one of the highlights was the cougar disco with Kully on the Virtual decks, Jason J, Warthog, Ginja, Mr Stabby, providing the lighting and Wonderwoman providing much entertainment!
glad to hear it,gutted i couldnt make it,so the new tents still in the packaging,so heres hoping we can come up with a wee scottish meet to try it out lol!
Big thanks to Kully for organising an epic weekend!

Big big thanks to Phil Robbo - you know why!

Ultimate thanks to Mr Pid for being the consumate professional when it came to fixing all the problems with my cat!!

Thanks RichK for helping here and there! Was a pleasure to work on such an awesome Cougar! Hope the dials are ok! ;-)

Cheers to Bound for the lights!!!! What a Bargain!!! :D

List of jobs completed for my car this weekend:

1 - Replace driver and passenger Door motors.

2 - Fit Scoop

3 - Fix leak!

4 - Resolder Boot Release button

5 - ECU Remap! <3 Bob!

6 - Replace headlights!

Busy Busy weekend!!!
Hi guys just a quick one, had a great weekend so good to see everyone again, although feelng slightly worse for wear today lol. I didn't manage to get around to taking orders for those of you who wanted shirts so please keep an eye in For Sale or PM me your details then I can arrange one for you.

Take care and God Bless You all lol....