Dateline 05/01/2010......WINTER


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Nov 20, 2006
Mansfield (Robin Hood Country)
Since its been a while, i thought i'd post a couple of piccies I took this morning for posterity. No big deal i know, for an OFS member like me, I can remember much worse than this, I mean! it's winter after-all, so lets enjoy it for what it is :smile5:








similar scene here Al. Wish it would bugger off personally, makes work difficult and it broke my car.

PS, not sure about the white/frosty fade paint work on the coug or the wheel ornament next to the garage lol
Cougars sitting pretty their guys, i went shopping this morn never got stuck once in fact since its all started couple weeks ago and today haven't had one problem, done me proud.
I wish we had some. I seem to be in a warm spot in Derby, snow above and below.
One of our kids just bought a letter home saying the school's shut tomorrow cos it's reported we're getting 35cm of snow.
35cm :yikes::yikes:

They're having a laugh aint they ? Don't think it's ever snowed that much down here :nonod:. They just want another day off :yesnod:
We've had about 8 inches and live at the top of a hill so didn't take the cat out today, don't think we'd have got it out the drive!



i ve just got in from work out of 64 on shift 23 did not turn up because of the snow, we have had 8inches of snow in less than 24hrs and its still coming down--will post some pics later
its just starting to get bad here now,started snowing about 4pm,and its about an inch and a half already,looks like im sledging with my boys tomorrow WOOO HOOO :D
Saw a cracking snowman on Manchester road in Warrington today, it had a large pair of T*ts! Brought a smile to my face after a difficult journey.