First polish of the year!



It's taken me a while this summer but the cat got it's first coat of polish this weekend.. Got some of that coloured TurtleWax stuff with a free Chipstick and I must say i'm pleasently surprised at how it's taken out quite a few of the swirl marks... Another coat or two of polish and going over with the Chipstick and I think she'll look pretty good! :)










Let me know what u all think :)
Now I just need a set of lowering springs, fit the Roush exhaust bends, a new front grille and I think I'm gonna change the black side repeaters for some white ones like RichB has....
Looking good there (y) Those improvements sound like a good plan too. Think i will try a chipstick as my paintwork is appauling! Iv got it better than what it was though using polishes etc.
Nice day up on the north coast Tom! I was near Leuchars this weekend and it pee'd down the whole time :rolleyes5:

The car is looking really good now - well done :smile5::smile5:
Where do you get this "TurtleWax stuff with a free Chipstick" from Tom? and how does the chipstick work?

in short it doesnt. its like taking a wax crayon and rubbing that over the chip marks, its not a permanent fix and i threw mine in the bin.
The car would look great with dark tinted windows too (y)
Yea... i've thought about a light smoke on the back three quarters and rear and i still might do it but tints make it a bit of a nightmare for nighttime driving :( I'm moving down to the Peterborough area soon to try my hand at EOD (and quite possibly blow myself up in the process!!) so i might wait off on deciding about it till i'm there as I imagine the quotes for having it done will be more competitive down south as opposed to the north coast of scotland where only a couple of people offer the service.....

Where do you get this "TurtleWax stuff with a free Chipstick" from Tom? and how does the chipstick work?

I got it free with the bottle of Turtle Wax polish from a local self owned car parts shop.. they should be fairly easy to pick up, or failing that, there's always faithful old eBay|39:1|65:12&_trksid=p3286.c0.m14 ;) The Chipstick is just like a wax crayon that you rub across the scratch and it colours over the mark and then you build up the layers and polish over it.. How long it'll last i've no idea.
Joey... i'm suspecting that you may be right about it not being a permanent fix is very true but def after one treatment combined with the colour match polish the light scratches have faded ALOT.. I'm gonna give it 2 or 3 goes and then a good wax top coat before the end of summer so hopefully that will lock in the Chipsticks effects.... I really should ask kully about fixing swirl marks sometime as he is the resident Paint God around these parts... :)

now.. what's the bet that when i go out to it this morning some seagull's gonna have crapped all across it!!!! :(
Hi Tom,

Now you,ve got it all shiny are you going to send some pics for the 2009 calendar.:idea:

Have just done a similar job on my dark metallic blue Saab convertible. I had forgotten what a pig it was to get a decent finish on a dark coloured car. Yours looks great.:smile5:
Hi Just PM the pics to me and I will add them to the list for the pole at the end of July.

This makes 7 sets of pics so far for 14 slots!!!! :LOL:

Cheers R
yeah... i'm moving down to RAF Wittering to work on EOD (Bomb Disposal) so hopefully i won't blow myself up!! lol
yeah, i'm looking forward to getting back to 'civilisation' (no offence meant Jamie ;) ) but a three hour journey to just get to Glasgow/Edinburgh is a bit of a pain in the ass...

it's lovely up here but pretty remote...