Headlight Restoration (Lots of Pics)



After finally getting my engine problems sorted I thought I would start on some of the other jobs that need done round the car.

My headlights had been annoying me since I got the car there seemed to be some cracking of the lens cover around the top of both lights.

It really spoiled the looks of the car so I spent a few hours repairing the damage.

I decided to remove the complete light assembly to avoid any accidents with the bodywork.

Some pics of the lighs before I started.




It only seems to have affected the top edge of the lights, mabye caused by heat?

First I started with some heavy wet & dry and gradually used finer and finer then finished off with T Cut and some polish.


Initial Sanding with 120 grit paper got rid of the cracking.




Then onto 400 grit paper



Then 800 grit



Then 1500 grit


Then T Cut and polish


Finished Result :)

They could probobly use another once over with some T Cut, but I thnk they are 100% better.
I've got similar on mine, I saw Kully (V6Singh) last week and he advised me to do much the same, but only using 2000 wet & dry paper with plenty of hot water with some fairy liquid and then finish with a damned good polish. I've yet to do mine due to the weather!!! arrghhh!!!! as don't have a garage or carport to work under and get nowhere in the house I can do them either, so will have to wait until we get some ...err...dryer weather??? lol

However, your headlights are looking much better - gives me an idea of what mine will look like afterwards.
Went over them again today with a rotary polisher and they came up even better.
I only noticed the difference when I got a brand new one after having a bump. Been trying to get the other one like it ever since! Ended up getting an excellent condition one off ebay. Still not quite the same though!