Hi Guys...



Hi Guys,

new to the forum.. just got myself a T plate Cougar 2.5 V6 in black.. very happy with the purchase and has just gone straight through its MOT.

will be on the road wednesday, as waiting for cover note to tax it and getting her serviced.

just thought id introduce myself.
I won't say that you picked the best colour but it's my favourite colour, welcome to the club.:)
Welcome mate, I'm fairly new here myself - I think you'll find they're a friendly bunch. It's well worth paying the £13 subs too to get access the whole forum (y)
Welcome to the club. They're all horrid except me. I'm smashing.
Oh and yes, you picked the best colour...at showing dents, paint swirls, faded patches etc. But when it's had a clean and polish it's the 'only' colour to have. :)

I'm off now.
hehe yeah i shall be paying my subs on payday... just used last of money to get the cat and service etc.

shall see how the scratches are once i polish it up on the weekend.

can you guys recommend any tyres? going to put 225/50/16 on it as i know the 215's can be hard to find. looking at goodyears or continental.. got any recommendations?
some pics of her.



watch your tyre sizes if you aren't changing all four, it can make the traction control go haywire. I have different sized wheels and tyres so don't have the problem with standard tyres but I believe that the club has a good price deal with a company for the standard size tyres.
Nice pics mate, very tidy (y)

At the risk of breaking the forum swearing rules - dare I ask what is written on the banner below the window in the first photo........? o_O
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im planning on changing all 4 tyres, as the front 2 are worn and were issued advisory on the mot.

plus the back two are cheapo asian tyres so want some decent ones on.

yeah haha its an easter banner for an easter egg hunt... theres a 2 year old in the household.
Ahhh, 'hunt' gotcha. For a moment I thought an unpopular relative was celebrating a birthday or something :)
Welcome to the only place to be if you own a Cougar. Everything you will ever need to know about your car is only a question away. Nice clean looking car there by the way.
Yeah the milage is high on it just over 100,000... paid just under £1000 for it, and its flown through the mot.. so im pleased. just in need of a good service and some new tyres.. cant wait to get it on the road wednesday.