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Market Research - Cougarfest

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Feb 1, 2014
Whilst chatting about. this years Fest, I repeated my concern about how to get numbers up for next year. Don't worry - you'll have a date soon!

So here's a question for those who don't go to Fest - why not? What are the reasons for not going, and, if you'd like to elaborate, what could I do to get you to attend?

Please note - this is not aimed at anyone who attended, nor anyone who was going to but had to pull out due to work etc.
I'd also appreciate if this thread was just for people's opinions - no chat or discussion to get in the way please, whether you agree with the poster's comments or not. This will make it easier for me to look at any common reasons that may appear.

I would really appreciate your input.


Coombe appeals to me as its easily travelable in a day. Previously its clashed with other stuff, this year CV made me shy.
Cougar fest did appeal too but its further to travel, my car wasn't quite on 4 wheels, If I did go I doubt I'd do an overnight.
We also have some major expense heading our way so I have to limit unnecessary spend.
Summary, location / timing.
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Thanks guys for your input.
The only things I can really take from it are the distance to the event, and dislike of camping. Unfortunately likely numbers and finances preclude us from offering other kinds of accomodation (for example, I certainly can't book caravans or hotels up front, neither I personally or the club has that kind of money). The location is reasonably central in the country, and the owners love having us there. I feel its better to remain in one place where we are welcomed and is, frankly, pretty easy to get to (if I can do a 600 mile round trip to get there I'm sure you can).
I know this sounds like I'm just carrying on regardless of what has been said, but it does seem to suit most people (I don't like camping either!), and, given that it is not the massive event it once was, I really feel the current layout of Fest is the best compromise. Thanks for your comments.
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