Mattjonescardiff's Car History.............



My first ride. 16 years old. A 50cc Peugeot Zenith:

My first car. A brand new 2001 Ka.

2nd car. Another new Ford - a 2003 Fiesta 1.4 Zetec.

Got rid of the Fiesta after 6 month and went for a BMW Z3 2.8:

Another 6 cylinder next. A Calibra SE9 V6. Loved the prospeed ss exhaust with quad exits.....

A 1995 W202 C Class C180 Sport. Bombproof and immaculate leather...

Mazda 323F 1.8. A cheap runaround but was surprisingly good fun and nippy.....

1995 Prelude 2.2 UK VTEC. Great car and really original...


My Cougar Zetec. Only had it for a month but was a lovely car....


My latest Cougar. A V6 x pack. Still needs a few more coats of wax and I'll be steam cleaning the leather and interior this weekend, but here she is for now..........









Good selection mate! Love the Prelude, how they should be! Nice to see you working your magic on a silver cat too!!! How you finding the V6?
WOW!! you've had some nice wheels, liking the Beemer and the Merc. Your latest Coug is lookin the business though. You got any mods in mind for your Frosty?
Cheers Guys. Really enjoying the V6 rumble. She's very thirsty mind - I'm only getting 20mpg at the moment. Having a major service next week with all Ford parts so hopefully might improve economy a bit (not that I care that much!).

Tempted on a BMC CDA and a blueflame exhaust, but first plan is to get the old girl diagnostic checked out/remapped to ensure she's running as sweetly as possible.

I've done a couple of little things to start, the cougar rear badge, ford cougar emblem matts, changed the gear knob, regassed the air-con, black side repeater lenses and put my private reg plate on. Happy with that for now!

She ticked over to 100,000 miles on the clock just as I pulled up on the drive last night.