My dirty little secret


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Jul 5, 2009
I had been planning to keep this under wraps until Combe, but Matt saw it today when we met for a bike ride, so I may as well spill the beans.

On 29 Jan, after Joanne and I were reminiscing the previous evening about our much-missed Mk6 Fiesta, we took the plunge and traded in our Citroën C3 for a Ford Focus.

She's a 2010 2.0 TDCi in Vision Blue with an auto box, in Titanium trim so with a few nice toys such as heated front seats, cruise control, push button start, auto lights and wipers etc. She also has a DAB radio but doesn't have bluetooth handsfree for a phone, which I was quite surprised by - however, I have a cunning plan to solve that.

Initial impressions are good, the ride is comfortable, 136bhp gives a useful increase in shove over the departing Citroën and, although she's 3 years older, she has half the mileage at just under 59k.

Points to address are a cambelt and gearbox service, as I can't find any evidence in the service history of either having been done. The gearbox service is definitely needed as the shifts are currently somewhat 'unrefined'. She'd benefit from decent tyres too as, although all four have decent tread depth, three are finest Chinesium and she'll spin the front wheels when pulling away on anything but very light throttle, even in the dry. Other than that, there is a very slight crease in the nearside front wing that I'll probably get a PDR guy to sort.

Screenshot_20230128_191732_Auto Trader.jpg
Screenshot_20230128_191824_Auto Trader.jpg
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Oh, and the mods have already started. :D New old stock alloy pedal covers and mats, courtesy of eBay.



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Nov 15, 2015
King's Lynn
IMO the style/appearance of the Focus has continuously improved since its introduction; the one with the chrome bar over the grill is the first to be palatable.
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Feb 1, 2014
I think that's a really good car mate, with that mileage and a good sort-out service done it should serve you for many years👍
Even the colour is a good one - as I said earlier I'm thinking of getting a Kuga and they seem to look good in the same shade.
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Nov 24, 2019
Can you get the bluetooth module from another one to upgrade? My 2012 Mondeo also doesn't have it but its a simple module switch I think. I just decided to use an old bluetooth aux adapter in the end


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Aug 29, 2013
eaton socon
lovely colour...u dont see many that colour..well i haven't.
looks great mate enjoy!

got my sophie a 13 plate one of these in black...a 16ti petrol had done 89k.
shes had some issues which ud expect with one at this mileage...brakes ,clutch cylinder leak and the alternator gives a warning flash every now and then...
but its got everything! easy to drive ,elec everything...smacked my head on the wheel when i pressed the brake pedal 🤣
good fuel econ ,bluetooth (nessasery with the younger folk)
really nice to drive....but!
can't pull the skin of a rice pudding😝
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Nov 13, 2011
south wales
I just showed Mrs mabo, she made the appropriate Ahh noises. We approve.
Two things shed in our house, our cat and me.


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Aug 29, 2013
eaton socon
he is one happy pud.. they love the warm from the back window i think..
our cat smeagol who we lost some years back got into the scorpio we had without us noticing, she was trapped in there for 2 days b4 we found her..
luckily it was november and not stupid hot but the poor girl had made a right mess:sick:

tilly the auto is our work and dog trip car............and she WONT win any tidy interior competitions....
but she is proof u don't need a land rover to have big dogs.