My HID installation



i went for 8000k but bought from a UK seller on ebay i suggested in the group buy section, come with a full 2 year guarantee and made of highest grade components so no radio interference etc.

before 4300k:



pics so far with Sylvania cool blue 9005 in full beam vs 8000k hid. i will next be uprating my sidelights to superflux led to match the 8000k colour temp




ill get some fresh pics in the dark to try to capture the true colour temp
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got them off ebay Alan, m,ore than ?ú20 in the shops and i got a set for 12.99 delivered. cool blue are the only 9005 bulb that osram make in the plus range (brighter than standard) :)

got a few night pics




contrary to the pictures; head on the lights are pure white and progressively bluer as you look from more of an angle
Well done looks good. Where did you get your hid delivered from uk? Yeh 8k is the one to go for i installed mine last month or 2 ago and it has a nice tint of blue to it not over the top like say a 10k kit.
alan, here the main beam bulbs, theres a few sets on ebay at the minute but unfortunately on the ?ú15 mark, if you can wait, snap up a set cheaper when they come along. could always email seller asking for their best price lol

icermanz - thanks mate, i must say 8000k is spot on with our preojectors to mimic the new mercs, audis and bmw's. i got them off ebay as i posted in the group buy section, delivered next day as same day dispatch