Newish owner



After loving the cougar after my best mates dad had one, i finally got one! £1000 60,000 all service history, V6! love the car! joined here a bit ago but never did much still lurking on my other forum FFOC(ford focus owners) i made my way to ford fair! and found you guys right at the end i was very happy about that! gave me some good insight at how good some cougars are! with the help of FlamencoAssassin i found out why mine had recently lost power, IMRC! one has been ordered and im now awaiting it!
so far i have a decat(sounds LOVELY) double din touch stereo, and and FLI sub not much i know but i have big plans for this one ;) keep any eye out!
sorry for the essay! :D
Welcome, looking forward to seeing your plans materialise!