Planned Forum Maintenance - 24th Nov


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Mar 30, 2012

Forums Offline: 24th November 2023​

On Friday 24th November 2023 we are planning to carry out upgrades on the server and forum software.

During the upgrades the forum will not be available. I'm not giving any set times for these upgrades, it'll be done at a leisurely pace for minimum stress.


What's happening?​

  1. Moving to a new VPS host.
  2. Upgrading the forum software the the latest stable version.

Why is this happening?​

We're moving to a new server host, as we're currently running very low on storage space and the new host can provide more storage at a lower cost.

Will I notice a difference afterwards?​

Nope. The forums should run just as well on the new host.
There are many tweaks to the new version of the forum software and the biggest one is that iOS devices running 16.4 or higher should be able to get push notifications.

You can read the full release notes here if you wish: XenForo 2.2.13 Released
The maximum number of attachments is 10 per post, this setting has not changed. However, if your posts get auto merged, then all the attachments get put into 1. You can also link to images hosted externally, or on this site, so in theory you could have as many images as you want in one post (up to the limits of the software and server).