Somerset newbie



Hi all
Thought I'd pop on and say hi to everyone from down 'ere in cider county!
Got myself a dark green Cougar from early '01, X-reg. Done 65,345 miles, couple previous owners, pretty good condition. Is the 2.0 engine one.
Need to source information on here, as the manuals were missing on purchase, so will be joining the £18 fee this weekend to get help hopefully.
Hope to hear from other owners on here, previously had a Puma and Fiesta and Ka, so graduated upwards over the years. I'll get some pictures up when I've worked out how etc....
Cheers for now, Dave
Hi Dave and welcome to the forum - the ONLY place to be for all things Cougar - what these guys on here don't know about fixing and tarting up Cougars ain't worth knowing (y)

Your £18 subs will be the best £18 that you ever spend on your Cat - and plenty of chat and banter to boot :)

World green domination is on the horizon :geek:
Welcome to the forum lots of useful info to be found and we are not a bad bunch.


Cheers JJ great welcome, yeah it'll be interesting to see what different ones are out there and any future events etc. Look forward to checking the site out.
Yay - someone else from down our way - I might actually stand a chance of spotting another cougar! Welcome (me and the hippy are in Wiltshire half way between Bath and Chippenham)
Thanks Mofo, just what I wanted to hear value in the subs, plus you got a green one (am I right in thinking the silver is most popular>) I am green to all this, quite literally ha ha
Yay - someone else from down our way - I might actually stand a chance of spotting another cougar! Welcome (me and the hippy are in Wiltshire half way between Bath and Chippenham)

Hey there, sort of local about 40-50 miles away, I know Avebury stones area really well, old haunt on a date or day out etc. Yeah want to source couple of meets a year is great, I will stick around and see what turns up... Nice blue one there.
Always liked the look, previous car recently made the spot available and the right one showed up, so bagged it. Just taxed it yesterday so can enjoy owning. First thing I realise is it feels so big inside-out, and wide. But getting used to. Got some chrome rings I put on the dash vents and heater dials this week, also waxed away some stubborn tree sap on rear quarter. Getting there, give it an oil change this week as well with sparks etc.
Hi Dave and welcome to the club from another Greenie. They came in 2 shades, Amazon green and errrmmmmmmmm.........oh there's some other green as well apparently :LOL:. I'm sure it'll become apparent which shade you have soon.
Get your subs up mate, there's a whole wealth of info on here and some good banter with some very friendly people too (y)

Enjoy your cat mate.
Welcome to zummer, sounds like you've picked up a good 'un there mate, post up some piccies when you can find the time please.(y)
Hi Dave, and welcome to, your in the right place for all things cougar related, as well as some crazy banter. You will also be able to find all the fixes you need in our subscriber sections. Have a browse around the open forums and get a feel for the place. Remember! is the only workshop manual for the big cat.
Checked back in and thanks everyone for welcome. I gave the Cougar an oil change, new filters and plugs, think it had been ages since it had one but smooth as silk after... Next job is the ball joints which were advisory on the July 14th MOT, is a bit metally sounding over bumps so assume it could be a bush or similar. Not too expensive I hope>
Pictures coming soon....
If you have an MOT advisory on the ball joints, i would recomend you get the wishbone bushes checked first. New wishbones come in at appx £250 complete. Bottom ball joints come in at appx £20-£30. If you spend on the ball joints, go through the hassle of getting them fitted only to get a wishbone bush fail at your next mot, it's wasted money as well as effort.
Is it £13 or £18 to subscribe, I read on another thread that today is the last day (first for me) but it looks like it is £18 already? Anyone clarify?