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Aug 8, 2010
How are 2.5's for high mileage?

I had a 2.0 Cougar last year but sold it as it was underpowered.

I have a chance of a 98 2.5 cat with 124k on the clock with a decent service history altought not full.

Not costing a lot of money as it is a swap plus cash in my favour.I just want a cat again.
As Paul said, make sure it's been well looked after, mines done just over 120K, and still going strong.
Not a happy man,Got a phone call from the guy i was buying the car off and he has told me that the subframe is knackered and he couldn't sell it.

I really wanted another Cougar,At least he was honest.
no problem this is my black cat which iam currently doing up,so it has a load of new parts once finished will be bunged in for an mot
i wont mince my words on this one i wont be taking anything less than £1200 for it reason being is the amount of work and parts iam putting into this.its all new front discs/pads,wishbones,droplinks,front springs,abs rings,new front abs sensors,cv gaitors,refurbed front calipers,aftermarket alloys,original ford multichanger to be reinstalled,underbody has been repainted in certain areas,will have a full service and valet done when mot'd front struts were dead so they were changed as well oh and its a black v6 vx full leather with a 112k on it