1968 Mustang


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Sep 20, 2004
Atherstone, North Warwickshire
Well as promised this is what turned up at work today. I heard a rumbling and I knew something had arrived it was only when i looked outside that I was stunned to see this beauty...

And parked up next to my cat too :ihih:

I think the guy in the Scooby thought better of hanging around :LOL:

Turns out the owner had spent about $80,000 buying and importing the car from the states, dont ask me the spec but the boss did mention N20 in the mix :D
The same guy (an Indian chap) is loaded and owns about 15 luxury cars, the ones I know of are listed below.
  • This Mustang
  • Bentley Arnage T - he left it at the pub once and the boss took it for a spin, which is quite mad as they are worth about £250k.:eek:
  • Merc SL-65 AMG - The owner took the boss out for a spin and he reckoned it was one of the fastest cars he'd ever traveld in, and his mate has an M3 (not the V8 but the last one)
  • Ferrari F-430 Spyder
  • Some "Proper 4x4" as the boss's daughter put it so i'm thinking either dodge ram or Hummer
Oh to have a garage like that
Tell you man i was drooling, unfortunatly I was too busy to get some decent interior pics (I didn't get a look inside) but the boss's daughter said it was plush leather. Just before he left the guy sat on the car park reving the engine, it was awesome :)
Am I missing something here? Think it's the second ugliest car ever made, next to the DeLorian :eek6::eek6: And I'm not a fan of 'pretty' cars.......:LOL::LOL:
Strictly speaking Matt, that's not the original Eleanor, as that was in the original 70's film of the same name.:p
Do they make any kind of Muscle Car kit car? I'm not really a fan of toffy old British sports cars, and you can only get a bit of muscle over in America, or Australia.
yes but dose he have a cougar """"""""""""""""""no so he may have a nice cars,
but dose he mod it and look after it and cry when she is not well
i think proble not ,
and that is what sets cougar owners apart lol
There are a wide range of Sierra (naff) based Cobra kit cars and an almost as wide range of Jaguar (Much more suitable for big power) based Cobra kit cars.

As a rule though, muscle cars look much better than they go, so you could build a muscle car looking replica out of a Lada and it wouldn't be any more useless on a corner than an original. Knock yourself out mate :LOL:

I understand the Gone in 60 Seconds (remake) Eleanors (there were loads because no one car could do all things they wanted for each piece of footage - even ignoring the couple they trashed in the jump scene) had massive chassis modifications to get rid of as much of the muscle car engineering as possible and replace leaf springs with multi-link coilover systems, massive body stiffening etc.

It was all (including the bodykit) made by Total Control Products who had a website last time I looked. To be honest though, finding a useable 1967/68 shape Fastback, sourcing a manual gearbox and a rebuildable 428 Cobra Jet or even FE big block engine and buy all the TCP stuff to make it handle anything remotely like a sports car and not a Channel Ferry was going to cost as much as a proper modern supercar.

Given how truely awful the fit and finish of all the interior parts of 40 year old cars is, even the final product would be a bit nasty if being objective, so I dropped the notion into the "nice idea but I can think of a million better ways to spend that sort of money" category.

I'd build a top-end Cobra kit though. Either a Gardner Douglas Mk4 or De Dejion spec Dax Tojeiro would fit the bill. Even then to build it to a quality I'd be happy with would cost me around £36,000. For that, I'd probably rather have a bigger plane.
Interesting that mate, remindes me of the Aston Martin Vanquis in Die Another Day, they rebuilt about 5 of them with V8 power and 4WD otherwise it would never have been driveable in the action scenes on the snow, same with the XKR driven by the villan