35th Anniversary Cougar


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Mar 24, 2010
Hemswell Cliff, Lincolnshire
Hi guys my mate e-mailed me this link to a 35th anniversary cougar model.
By the looks of it, it is a C2 but take a close look at the bonnet and alloys.
Looks rather sleek for an Ebony.

Does anybody know whether this was a pre Cougar-S design or something else and is there any still on the road as apparently Ford made 3000 of this design?
I would say Liam that it is possibly an American model, which didn't get released here. However, I may be wrong, just never seen one anywhere near that spec - with those alloys and a visteon scoop. I'm sure Al, Tony and the rest of the guys will be along shortly....
its a cougar xr the cougar was first produced back in 1967 and this model was the last one to be produced at the end of its 35 year run
Ginja's got a Cougar 2! Well I didn't know that!!!!!!!!!!!!

Coats on......................
the car is a XR edition. My friend has a red one and you can buy the scoops over here. I save a yellow one just the other day also. they are sharp and the interior is color matched in the center of the seats with the color or the car. If you have the black one the inserts are grey. The steering wheels are also different and have a nice size cougar logo and the air bag.