3d Cougar project


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Feb 29, 2008
Castleford, West Yorks
Started roughing out the basic shape:


Dunno how far i'm gonna go with this, i am more used to low / medium poly work for games..if nothing else its a good learning project for me, at best it will be a high detail model which can be used to illustrate HOWTO's and such..or as a test bed for trying out different wheels to see how they look..lets see how far i get with it :smile5:
You lost me already :LOL:
I can see this being a great project for modding, as you say. A very useful and novel tool for the forum, as well as for yourself. Keep us up to date with the progress. (y)

BTW, the windows need cleaning :idea:

ok, i'm leaving.....................................:LOL:
That looks really cool - what software are you running? never seen anything like that before. Fantastic platform for "playing" to see just what you could do with a Cougar - body mods, wheels, exhausts etc...the list goes on.
Sorry for not answering, been working away near sunny Norwich (seen 2 different silver S*** XAV Cougars and no others all week)..i use Softimage XSI..used to use Autocad for work..only for 2d stuff tho.