A couple of little mods...



Well with the weather we had this weekend (y) I thought it was a decent time to try some Zymol wax that I had lying round and to do a bit of tidying!!!

1st off I decided to remove the cougar badge from the boot :ihih: Always annoyed me how it was off centre, very sad with making things look symetrical like that!lol :mad2::eek:ut:


I also have a bit of a trick up my sleeve to sort the Ford badges front and back too!!! (y) Did it on my Capri last year all looked great :ihih:.

I then thought I would have a go at modifying the origional, bumper car stylee aerial! :eek:ut: I like making little free mods, that change how a car looks. (y) Chopped it in half and then put the rubber end cap on again!!!


All in all a nice productive morning, I do have a couple more bits to get done over the next couple of weeks. So watch this space!!! (y)
Nice but you can get an ariel that size and you will get a better reception as its the same length as the orginial but wound back on it's self.
I know mate, but to be honest, i never listen to the radio anyway!lol I did remove it, as I thought about smoothing it over! But the car kind of looked a bit odd!lol And the reception is still fine on all radio stations!!!
Wanting things straight/level etc...it's called OCD!!!

I know, I think I suffer with it a bit too, for instance I had to have a twin exhaust to balance up the look from the rear :LOL::LOL: (y)
Yup, deffo OCD!lol Don't worry, the next thing is a subtle dual exit exhaust as like you said Busa Boy, looks daft!hahah

Alan the boot is clean, shame about the bloody rear bumper that an ape painted!hahaha