A couple of pic's!


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May 11, 2008
The car is finally in progress with the bodyshop, here's a couple of sorry looking pic's I took this afternoon while retreiving my tax disc as I'm transferring my new reg plate tomorrow:



There was an Audi RS4 in, sat next to the Beetle at the side of mine, check out this nice V8:



Working in the engine bay is bad enough on our V6's, the RS4 must be a mechanic's nightmare!

Finally a local car dealer has an old MK1 Escort (it says its a RS2000 on the badge on the rear). Its a snip at a fiver under 16 grand! maybe, just maybe in another 15 years, our cars might actually be worth something!:



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What colour you going for Ste?? Need to pop and have a look once done.....Only down in Northwich......
Ste, thanks for the progress photos, I cant wait to see the next batch of photos (y)

Its supposed to be finished by Monday so you can pop over anytime you like after then. I still have the centre console if you still want it too. Its being painted BLACK exactly the same colour is was before. Only reason for the respray is I want it looking mint.

Not much has gone on since yesterday, a couple more pic's:




I will be going back tomorrow to see how its progressing and to get my new number plates made up. So more pic's will follow.
Wow its going to take them a long time to paint that with spray cans ;)
I popped in this morn to see what progress they've made and to check if they need me nip back to Halfords for a couple more spray cans!:LOL: Here's the pic's:








And this one is a shameless plug for Sean's bodyshop:


I will nip back in tomorrow to check progress and take a few more pic's. Sean said today the car has now been 'flatted' and it will be ready Wednesday.
Thats one sorry looking cat on its way to looking stunning we hope(y)

I'm 100% confident with what Sean will deliver m8. He's repaired my lads Focus twice and did my ma's Alfa Romeo and all these jobs where perfect. He does loads of insurance work and has contracts with a good few local main dealers. If you check the above pic's he was working on an Audi RS4, this was one of three Audi's that have pushed the progress of my car back (biggest setback of being on m8's rates!), as he can't let the Audi dealer down. If you were an Audi dealer handling a valued customers RS4, would you put it anywhere where there be a chance of getting anything less than perfection?

After all the effort and costs I've put into my Cougar, I can't believe anyone would think I would put such an important job anywhere else other than in the hands of someone who knows 100% what he's doing.

Lewy can be judge when he comes to check out the work later this week. I've seen V6 Cougar's go on ebay lately for less than I'm paying for the respray.
Sorry ste, i didnt mean for you to think i was questioning their work at all mate.
From the pics they do good prep work, which follows on they do good finishing work, just cant wait to see end result. At least you know your cats in good hands, some others didnt get that, and thats what was in the back of my mind, i just didnt mean for it to be expressed, or misunderstood
Be good to see the finished atricle

A new paintjob is great, i bet you got stacks if wax ready ;)
Well I popped back into the bodyshop today to pick up my new reg plates and to check on progress, here's the pic's:




The above is the finished paintwork! Eek! (or something not printable) I thought. So Sean showed me what is under all the dust:



Then a quick buff with a cloth:


Now I'm back to being a happy chap!

The car will be ready for me to collect on Friday, Lewy pm me your mobile number and I will text you when I've picked it up!

I'm going to email Sue Collins at Collins Eng, to get it booked in for a dyno and remap next week!


Lovely !!

Will be spanking after he's finished with the machine

All waxed up for the weekend (y)
That is going to look fantastic, like it's just come out of the showroom. Well, as it's been said before ...."Black is the best colour" lol

Will be interested to see it once it's all finished and on the road.