A few more pic's. Will my car ever be finsihed!


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May 11, 2008
Called into the bodyshop today, to check on progress and to drop of my new reg plates. Here's the plates (I assigned the reg last week with the DVLA):


As you can see the car has been completely flatted off and just needs a clean, masking off and painting (when, when I want my bloody car back!):








So even if it gets sprayed tomorrow, then it will take a full day to polish up and fit all the bits and bobs back on. I will post progress tomorrow, if there is any! So it will be at least Friday when I get the car back, or realistically next Tuesday!


Those plates are superb!!!!

Could I ask how much the respray is costing you? I take it you left all the inside of the bonnet and inside of the doors etc.... Just got the outside of the car done???

Karl :smile5:
Its being repainted exactly the same colour BLACK! Afterall it is the best colour the Cougar came in. The respray is being done just to make it look mint so it matches the rest of the work I've done on the car. Afterall it should look brand new as its only got 800miles on the clock!

I have no new pic's today as I went to the bodyshop and the car has not been touched, the workshop is real busy though it was crammed full! The red Beetle that has been sat next to mine has been finished though, it was being polished up, if its still there when I go stalking them tomorrow I will take a few pic's to show you all what a mint job they do.

I note your point on the reg Tony, I'm expecting to attract a good few ?ú30 penalties before I alter it. I'll try speaking with a spanish accent when I get pulled to convince plod its a legit euro logo!:LOL: I reckon though it will still be read correctly with the cam's the law uses to check if a cars legit. So its down to keeping plod busy doing something, instead of them trying to catch some real villains. I will of course point this out to them everytime I get shafted, they always love being told this!

Its beginning to pss me off now though, how patient am I expected to be!

New pic's will likely be a few days off at the rate things are going!


Well, I visited the bodyshop again this afternoon, not much progress but at least they've been tinkering with it. They've started masking off ready for the respray, see:




Being hopeful, I commented on the workshop now being fairly empty, hoping that the reply would be along the lines of 'yes and yours is next', but the reply was 'its bank holiday weekend' meaning that they had to shift their corporate clients out today as they are now shut till Tuesday. So now I'm given the promise that it will be sprayed on Tueday, with Wednesday for buffing and refitting all the bits and bobs.

So I won't be visiting until Wednesday as I need get my hands on my new reg plates to finish off my being pulled up blag. I have the vynal and the plastic sheets done for my reg plate blag, but as my new plates are sat in the boot which has been sealed up with masking tape, then I cant get at them until its been respayed.

I'm seriously losing strength and faith with this episode. At the end of the day I can't see me paying out the agreed price for my respray as I'm well and truly aggrieved with it all! My brief for the job was simply 'make it look mint', if its not 100% what I had in mind at the end of the day, then we have serious problems. If I'm not happy then others will end up more misserable than I am.
I hope they get it done for you next week, the back end looks like a 7 series BMW with it half open and all that tape on it :)