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May 11, 2008
I tried to post these pic's yesterday and the day before, but kept getting errors, I think its my PC playing up as its generally become sluggish. Yesterday not much progress made, I spent 2 hours going between Ford in Wigan and Warrington, having conceded I cannot find those wishbone bolts anywhere! Neither outelt had them in stock so I've ordered them to come in the morning (with luck!). I've ended up buying just 2off M10 bolts, 4 off M10 nuts and 4 off M12 nuts just to be on the safe side. Total cost approx ?ú25, what a rip off, but I need them so thats how it goes. Today I've took no pic's but have fitted a few hoses and the ST200 throttle cable, cruise control controller/actuator and finished of cleaning a few bits and bobs in the engine bay.

So Wednesday, in the rain, which didn't really make no odds as I was under the bonnet for 6 hours, I decided to clean out the engine bay. I decided that I would not use water as I've had enough grief with damp as the car was sat for 18 months, I've had my fill of bad earths, or rather the hours looking at the TIS wiring diagrams in resolving them. So my engine bay polish up consisted of wd40 to remove the grime (mainly oil) and a polish with the Cockpit Shine spray I've been buying from Asda at ?ú2.99 (I think) for a large can, this stuff is good and it leaves a silicon residue which is good for damp and according to the tin is antistatic as well. It makes a good job on plastic and rubber too. I found only one advantage of being so meticulous, with this painstaking slow process was that I was able to identify all microscopic problems with wiring, tubing and general condition or damage to components under the bay. Oh, I also used Autosol on the ally bits (pipes really).

So here's the pics:








Check out the new steering rack

New o/s wishbone (minus 2 M10 bolts!)

New n/s wishbone

Here's a pic of the prototype SVT header badge (sticker) I had made, this is a 1st pass just to see how it would look in the flesh and to make sure we had the eliptical profile spot on. The sticker was done with a vinyl printer to get the lettering and oval ring right, it was done in black background with silver lettering. The final stickers will be finished in ST blue background and chrome detail/lettering. I'm happy with the prototype and have commissioned the final stickers. The only Ford logo left on my car now is the centre caps on the ST200 wheels, now these I'm struggling to think of a solution (anyone know any solution?)

More to follow soon, hopefully tomorrow will show pic's of the engine finally going in!


Excellent work, Ste... 8) I look forward to seeing the next set of photos... :D
Great progress there Ste, intit brilliant when you can get in where the engine sits and get all that crud out. In that situation i think i would waxoil the lower half, where you cant reach once the block is back in.

Have you tried ebay.com for the centre caps with cougar logo :idea:
Look forward to the next batch of piccies, but try not to shake so much :LOL:
wheel rfurb

im sure any decent wheel refurb establishment will take away those logos for you on the centre caps im presuming they are only plastic and therefore can be filled sanded down and sprayed and maybe a logo of your choice could be added 8) 8)