a few pics of my cougar



New to the board and thought I'd throw up a few pics. :smile5:

They are not completely up to date though... It now has 17" gunmetal gray Enkei ES6 wheels wrapped in Kumho Ecsta ASX high performance tires, the the short ram intake has been replaced with a Nautilus cold air intake w/ K&N filter.








Yeah man good to see a Cat from over the pond now and again, you guys have a much better scene over there. That engine bay is great, mine looks a mess (hence the fact I try not to pop the hood at shows much)

Optima Red Top too you must have some serious ICE?
What is SVT lite?

"SVT Lite" means it is a standard DuraTec 2.5L block, cams, heads, etc., but with the SVT upper and lower intake manifolds, and SVT throttle body installed. A small but noticeable performance upgrade.

In order to do the full SVT conversion (cams, heads, injectors, ecu, etc) I would have to change the transaxle to a manual. I would LOVE to do that, but it's just not in the budget. Maybe someday...
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SVT parts ARE ST200 LIM UIM and TB, but should also add Airbox unless running a performance filter, i just didnt get the 'Lite' bit, but why do you have to upgrade box if changing heads and cams???

I already told you Tony :rolleyes5: the spelling should give you a clue, its a well used American term for a shortened or lower spec of an already top item.

Hope that makes sense and doesnt cause offence, it's not intended.
The engine bays looking real clean thats a good look and the carbon look rear light covers are a nice original touch to the coug.
None taken, Al, just wanted to clarify a bit, thats all. Still stumped by the box upgrade tho, the auto is more than capable, dont they use it on the ST220?

Because the transaxle is electronically controlled by the ecm. The full SVT swap would require using the SVT ecm, which does not support the automatic transaxle.

And yes, to my understanding the SVT is the equivalent to your ST200.