A few pic's on my progress on my ST200 upgrade


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May 11, 2008
In the summer of 2006 I bought a project car from ebay, it was a P Reg, red Mondy v6 si, that had more or less been converted to a ST200, however the owner had give up on it, he said he didn't have time, but as I stripped it down I realised that he had lost faith as it had loads of problems, the wiring for 1 was terrible, he'd attempted to replace the whole loom from the donor ST200. I've lost the pic's I took when I removed the engine and the pic's of the butchered wiring behind the dash (which I butchered further to remove the wiring loom for the remote stalk for the stereo). I only got round to taking the ST200 engine out of the Mondy a few months ago, mainly due to the weather and me being lazy. It had to be done though as my missis was threating to scrap it as she was sick of seeing it on our drive!

So here's a few pic's that I didn't lose of the Mondy


Clocks (check the mileage less than 33k)

Centre console (now fitted in my Cougar)

Remote radio stalk, controller and loom (now fitted and working in my Cougar)

Mondy less its engine


I scrapped the mondy shell, I stripped it bare and have sold and still have to sell loads of bits on ebay and put the Cougar on the drive

I hadn't used the Cougar for 18 months due to the wishbones becoming unsafe, I hadn't even looked at it for over a year. I left it standing on a mates drive. It was bad, green mould all over the bodywork and all over the dash. So 3 days t-cutting and cleaning the interior and it was back looking like it was cared for (I didn't take any pic's of it before I cleaned it, I was too embarassed!).

ST200 centre console now fitted



Note the st200 gearknob and shortshifter now fitted





Now she's clean time to fit the ST200 clocks, 1st here's the old 1's

And here's the new

Checkout my mileage!

Now time for the engine, here's the old

Coming out




Now sat side by side with the ST200 motor, to check what bits need swapping over

Here's the ST unit

She needs a new power steering pump, the oil is everywhere

Off with the old, and clean up the oil

On with the new (not forgetting to change the aux belt idler pulley bearing as well)

While the engine is out, its prudent to check the condition of the clutch


Too many wheel spins, I can't believe a car thats only done 33k miles has a burnt out clutch (now we know why it was wrote off!) So here's the new clutch

All built back up and ready to fit

Now to prep the engine bay, lets start with the subframe

I have new wishbones, so off with the old, those bolts where hard work

Now this is where I've stalled. Ford want ?ú8.13 for the M10 bolts each! The M12's I will reuse, on inspection they are OK (I'm a little worried about reusing the nylock nuts though). So now I'm looking for 4 off M10 HT10.9 flanged head bolts and 4 off 10 grade flanged nylock nuts at a decent price. I've contacted various suppliers without any luck. I'm going to concentrate on suppliers to the structural steel industry tomorrow, as I reckon I'll have better luck.

I've fitted a new steering rack, new wishbones (less the M10's) and new antiroll bar bushes to the subframe and have refitted the frame in the car. So once I locate the bolts and clean out the bay, more pic's will follow (I hope the bloody weather gets better!).



I's say yes and no? My Cougar according to Ford TIS is a 1999.75-2002 the ST200 engine is 1999.75-2000.75. The main connector on the engine (C3001, Mondy and C3003, Cougar) is slightly different. The C3001 has a extra pin (pin33), however on tracing the wiring on the engine loom pin33 simply loops to pin3. On the C3003 loom pin15 goes to ECU pin75, but C3001 does not have a pin15. I have checked the wiring to the chassis side of both connectors and all seems very much the same, I'm hoping that the changes on the engine loom side and connections to the ecu will just work when I make the conections, but this is a pure guess as I dont have a clue whats going on within the ECU (or PCM as TIS calls it).

I am using the existing ST200 wiring loom and ECU, if it dont work then I will have to change the engine loom over from the old Cougar engine and use the Cougar ECU. This will mean the mapping is incorrect for the ST200 engine, but this I'm certain can be fixed with a remap from Collins Engineering in Congelton, UK. Either way I will be having which ever ECU I end up using remapped with Collins to free up/fix max horses from the engine.

So before buying the ST200 engine you need review the wiring diagrams of both cars based on the time of manufacture on the TIS cd.

I know this dont really answer your question, but at the moment this is the best answer I can give. Maybe Ricky (Frosty) has some extra input?


Nice swap :) .

What did you do with your old engine ? is / was it any good ?just asking cause another cougar owners cat has just dropped its second engine today......... :(
Cheers Paul, I will pm you for info, unless I source them for around a fiver for all 4, which I'm fair confident about. I spoke to a guy from Abex (where I usually get bearings from), he didn't stock the required fastenings (they only go upto 8.8 off the shelf) but promised to source them and get back to me, which he did. He offered me a full box of 50 x M10x80mm long HT10.9 bolts for ?ú28.00 (his offer was the whole box only as they have never had a similar request for this type of bolt, the the rest would just sit in stock forever gathering dust and rust). I only need 4 off and the Cougar uses flanged head bolts (and 10 Grade flanged nylock nuts), so I would have to include M10 washers on the wishbone assemblies, which I don't want to do as its not 'standard', but the 80mm bolts would be able to accomodate the washers and when fitted would not look out of place. This would leave me with 46 bolts that I just don't need and I'd rather source 'standard' spec parts anyway (with the exception that I'm not even trying to source waisted bolts, as fitted by Ford). You may get a pm in a few days if I get nowhere.

Here is a vid taken from my N95 of my existing V6 engine. This video was taken when I 1st started the car after it being left for 18months. Believe it or not, the engine started on the very 1st turn (I was totally in awe, taken back, this just shows in my mind what a performer the v6 Duratec is [unless you starve it of oil!]). The sound on the vid is pretty poor, as its done with a N95 phone, the whispering 'sh sh' noise is coming from the aux belt/aux idler pulley/power steering pump area (not 100% sure which is the offending component). But just check out how smooth this engine runs after been stood for well over a year (note the pound coin!).