A funny thing happened to me at the weekend...


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May 16, 2005
Last weekend I went round Kullys to get Jason to have a look at my off the shelf sub and amp setup (Kully keeps Jason locked in his garage) and things kind of got out of hand as a result...

My sub was fried (especially after we later put 240v through it) and the amp although a decent one was not designed for running a sub.

and so it began yesterday.....

Take some MDF, Some powertools and one expert in ICE...



In no time you have your basic box, size calculated to match exactly the subs and amplification to get the best sound (drills not included in install).


The next task is to make the bass port - not an easy task as it has to be the correct size and lengh or you may as well not bother because it will just sound awful.


Voila, one box ready for its lid and carpeting


Get one piece of carpet, some glue, some sticky back plastic and an empty bottle washing up liquid...


Trim nicely to fit, not forgetting vital holes where the subs fit


Fit the finished product and enjoy!


2 10" JBL Subs, Alpine monoblock amp running 350 watts at 2ohms and 34hz of magic tree shaking bass! I havnt cranked it up as loud as I dare yet but it sounds truely awesome...even if it does kinda hurt my head a bit after a while! :yikes:(y)

Cheers Jason and Kully for all your help, its worth every penny :D
Never seen Blue Peter? Always have to have sticky back plastic and an empty bottle of washing up liquid when your making things!
lookin trick,nice one lads,cant wait to here it :D(y)

It is indeed a good looking setup, wait till you guys see the next one!!(y)

Glad you ike it Alan, just remember next time you're asked "can we have a bit more of you're boot..........?" :LOL::LOL::LOL::LOL::LOL::LOL::LOL::LOL::LOL::LOL::LOL:
Glad your pleased mate it was a headache of a box lol, wait till its bedded in and tweaked a bit more it will most definately give you a headache.

Kully loving the new avatar dude.

There is another of those going into someone elses car soon nice little ish compact ported box so should hit a bit punchier than Alans but still drop reasonably for a "little" ten incher.