about time i showed what i have done


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still have several things to do but its a start





Nice one (y)

I like the idea of dark rear lights covers (they are covers aren't they?) on a frosty...sort of picks up with the other dark elements on the car (rear windows, tyres etc) :yesnod: :smile5:
Looks nice will keep an eye out for you I work in Rubery and get about in redditch, cars looking good.

Why you thinking of getting rid of the tints?

I was just thinking of getting mine done, I did want tints all round, nothing very dark but just even.

Read alot of threads on this topic and none the wiser, very grey area ( or should that be very tinted area??? LOL ) :LOL:
Have to look out for you on my travels to Redditch (aunt lives that way)

Its all a legal issue at the mo the tints idea, the front windows (nay the rears too) are already tinted as standard almost to the legal limit (although you wouldn't think so) however you can have the rear sides and rear window tinted as dark as you like but the fronts must only be to 70% light transmission (or some figure like that)
Also be aware that police traffic cars are equipped with a piece of kit now that measures how much light your tints are letting through at the roadside!