Almost the end of another year

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Sep 10, 2004
For me at the helm of this old ship we call UK Cougar, I have to say this year for me at least has been simply fantastic to see the club grow with more new subscribers and people attending meets I now can honestly say I have prob the best group of mates I could wish for all from owning the nail that is a Ford Cougar:eek6:, I would like to thank everyone on the Admin and Moderator team for the efforts they put into keeping you lot on some sort of order:dita:.

Also thanks to the guys who sort out the headache which is the events we attended this year which we have no tried to streamline for next year to make the process a bit smoother.

Most of all the main people to thank is YOU yes YOU for adding and contributing to this forum and to the community as a whole with helping each other out and attending the events we try to organise for you all.

Heres hoping next year is another wonderful year for us all.

Echo everything that Jason has said.
As events organiser I would like to thank everyone who has supported the club at events this year, and hope to see you all and many more members at events next year, a big thankyou to everyone who has organised local meets, Jezport for organising Harewood, Ginja for the xmas party in a couple of weeks, Admin for cougarfest and anyone else who has done similar work.
I would like to single out a couple of outstanding event attendees for special thanks for thier support, Chris (warthog) & Tim, they have been to everything that has gone on and have selflessly let us all use thier gazebo on numerous occasions, top blokes.
well what can i say still really new on here and it is by far an amazing forum,freindly helpfull and beggers belief with what can be acheived when a few heads are banged together.especially when people band togehter to help each other out even going far out of there way to do it.YOU CANT BEAT THAT WITH A BIG STICK lol
Here! Here!
Almost every day, new members signing up, newer members attending meets, its good to see attendance figures boosted, at the regional as well as national meets, Credits to the Events organisers are due and very much apreciated (y)
I can only second whats already been said above, you run a good ship here Jas, and the crew of are second to none. A bit previous maybe, but here's to another year of cougar ownership and another year of (y)

In the words of "Young Mr Grace"

Well Done Everybody!
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Yes, it's really great how different members contribute in all sorts of different ways to make the club what it is. Whether it be the obvious skills that any on-line car club is bound to need - mechanical experts and computer experts, where Alan (Pid16v) and Rob (bobster1982) do a fantastic job - through to such things as pub chefs who can organise us a cut price Christmas party (thanks Ginja!) - has got the lot!

Having been to each show event this year, special praise must be due to Phil, as this year he's organised those types of event almost single-handed - even when not very well earlier in the year.
JJ your doin a great job mate....i'm still here ;)

Thankyou's to all who have thanked me, Its all part of the service lads (y)
(and I used to work for John Lewis so I know good service when I see it)
Well, while we are in a soppy mood (and background music)......

I am one of said new members and i am chuffed to bits, that firstly I bought my cougar, but more importantly found this place.
I remember Kully saying at Rob's wedding that first of all it was people who had the same car meeting up and helping each other out, now its a case of friends meeting up who happen to have the same car.
I have had the pleasure of meeting a good number of the members on here, a wide variety of people, which is a good thing...and I would certainly class most of them as friends, with the same car.

I am just comming up to a whole year of being on here and this forum is full of top guy's and girls. Thanks to everyone for making it what it is! and hope to see as many of you as possible next year. (y)
To echo Jason, I'd like to thank firstly ALL of our members, without you this club
wouldn't exist.
It's seen a few changes in the time it's been running, some good, some not so good, but,
at the end of the day, it's a brilliant place to be!!

Secondly, the "Events Organisers" we've been treated to some excellent shows again this year, roll on 2010!!

Thirdly, every person who has selflessly put themselves on the line to help other people,
what a great 'community spirit' we have!!

Last, but by no means least , ALL my fellow "Admin' & Moderators" it's usually a thankless task mostly
done without anyone realising that we're there, which is how it should be.

So in summary:-

I can't say much more to add to this thread apart from a massive thank you to all involved in the maintenace ,running & moderating this excellent club!. at the risk of repeating myself I just want to say it has and will be a pleasure meeting as many members as possible . I'm sure if as agroup we where psychoanalised they would come up with a new term for our affliction cougarmaniacs!. And the stupid grin would be termed as cougasm!
Thanks to everyone who runs the club, arranges the discounts, the events, these boards and everything else which makes it a great club.

I attended my first show this year (Harewood) and have been to three meets at Castleford Xscape and got to know quite a few friends and faces in the process.

Bobster has helped me out on a number of occasions by personally fixing things on my car, including an emergency callout when I had a caliper bolt fly off.

As the number of Cougars on the roads continues to steadily diminish, it's a testament to the club that it continues to grow and attract quality members.
i must say that is my second car club, and i hope i'll never get to third one. Thats a top of the mountain, all info, fun, ideas, help in one place.

Never thought that it is possible to get help from someone who you don't know in person - but i received lots and lots of help through this year. Many thanks to all who were pleasefull and ready to help.
I'd love to meet you all in person but... ...maybe in the near future:smile5:
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