an other new owner



hi everyone bought mine three weeks ago on ebay. what value 800 quid for 98 2.5 v6 in excellent condition. drives like a dream cant keep out of it already done nearly 1000 miles.:eek: I wish they would put the price of petrol down. :(:devilish:
Welcome to the forum poleking, hope to see you at some meets, there's a few up in'th North :LOL: :LOL:
welcome to the cougar club... had mine about a month now and love it. be even better when my brakes get done on the 17th, along with a few other niggly things.

very helpful guys here, and a friendly bunch.
Welcome to poleking (you're not a pole dancer by any chance are you???:LOL:)............yep, the coog sure still offers outstanding value when you look at what you're getting for your money matey.(y)