Another EXHAUSTing day for me


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Sep 20, 2004
Atherstone, North Warwickshire
Right thats let the cat out of the bag straight away with that title :)

Decided to spend yet more money, so booked the Cat in for a replacement Exhaust from MIJ Performance (if you remember guys these are the people who supplied and fitted RichB's exhaust) .... check out RichB's cat on the webpage

Got up real early (7am) as I had a few things that needed doing, and the appointment was at 9am.....all easy you may think :?: ......oh no, there had been an accident on the M6 southbound so the speed limit had been reduced to 40mph (even though I was going North!) so it took about an hour to get from J5 of M42 to J9 of M6 :roll:

Still arrived in time (in time to miss the junction for the garage :roll: ) it its all one way streets!

Got my car booked in and on the ramps ready for inspection

Didn't take them long to remove the old system :eek:

I chose to have the main cat removed (apparently there are two pre-cats just after the manifold, so the guy said i'd still be legal for MOT's) and a Cat replacement pipe fitted, then a centre box system and two rear silencers. (the Labada sensor is mounted in the de-cat pipe)
Approx time to manufacture and fit: 4Hours....not much to do on a cold wet day but sit in their waiting lounge and watch SKY on the plasma screen.
The Exhaust is made from T304 Stainless Steel, and is custom built to your requirements according to how loud or how much power/economy you want. The range goes from Standard replacement, through MIDI (low noise but good power increase) to SPORT (full on balls out...very loud) I went for the MIDI, which is just about right, burbles on tick-over and over-run but once your over about 3k in 4th or 5th you barely hear it (even on the Motorway)


A bit of welding and a test fit by the mechanics.
Tailpipes in situe

I went for Twin 4" x 3" rectangular tailpipes.
There was a guy there who had driven all the way from Oxford to have a full system fitted to his ST220 mondeo, he had 4" round pipes fitted

Did you know the ST220 has twin pipes for the centre section as standard, so it is a proper DUPLEX unit

In the end the exhaust was finished by about usual the cat proves a problem with fitting :LOL:

Total cost:
Full Custom built System in T304 Stainless Steel tubing :arrow: ?ú297.86 (-VAT)
De-Cat Pipe in Stainless Steel tubing :arrow: ?ú42.55 (-VAT)
Twin Sguare (rectangle) tail-pipes :arrow: ?ú34.04 (-VAT)
NET :arrow: ?ú374.45
VAT :arrow: ?ú65.54

TOTAL ?ú439.99 (I then had to pay a surcharge for using my credit card as payment :roll: )
so paid ?ú450.98 :eek:

Still it is good to say thats custom built and fitted, and will out-live the car :D
(lifetime guarantee)

Looks wise its great 8)



That last pic was @ the pub I work, was trying to show the twin plumes coming out of exhaust.

Performance wise, the car picks up a lot quicker now as soon as you depress the "loud" pedal, and I still was averaging about 25mpg even after a little "thrapping" .....just to hear the burble... my car used to be quiet :wink:
I think I might be paying these guys a visit in the very near future. :roll:
black-diamond said:
looking good matt

but when you look at this picture left had side pipe is at a angle but might be picture


but looks nice
I think you maybe right, i have noticed something of sorts, problem is they fit the exhaust cold so as soon as it gets hot it will be bound to expansion etc. not mega out, you hardly notice it

Besides i'm too busy a dog with two D**Ks :LOL: