Another small mod


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Feb 2, 2008
Devon, UK
can anyone guess what it is?? lol

As a wild stab in the dark, having never seen your car before other than in your sig, I'd hazard a guess it's those shiny chrome bits on your grille.
Sorry guys, the date on the camera keeps skipping back a couple of years! Just sorted it again!! Anyway, Rich, yes, you got it mate - I've painted the grill chrome. Here's a slightly better pic. I'll take some day time shots tomorrow.


Yay! I got one right! AND I finished the crossword in The Sun today with no corrections, Joanne must have put something in my tea...
liking the idea are you going to do the plastic grill in bumper?ive been trying to source the chrome mesh that was used on my focus but painting it sounds good idea to