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Aug 9, 2007
As I said I would when we moved to a new theme the site now has a light bandwidth mobile phone friendly theme scaled to fit a mobile screen (y)

The forum will switch you to the mobile theme when it detects you are using a mobile device..If you log in on a PC your current theme will not change.

Currently I have coded in the following

Iphone 2G 3G 3G-s & Touch
Win CE or Win Mobile Devices
Symbian OS
Android OS

If you have a phone that does not run any of the above and the mobile does not display the cut down theme then please let me know what phone it is and I will attempt to support it.

yes ive noticed the change rob but is there a way i can keep the old system on my phone? symbian nokia e71 as i have a good wide screen on my phone i used the blaze format on it
yep there is.. Just click normal style in the bottom left hand corner and the theme will reset to your default PC version
ok will try that again did click on it but nothing so i will clear the cache and start again tried again maybe some teething problems wont let me change format or log on as there in no log on button near the sign in boxes iam sure it will be fine once teething problems done i hope iam not sounding negative rob
there is a log on button. Click submit query once you have enetered your username and password.. I need to change some of the phrases but wont be doing them yet.
no worries rob to late in the night for doing mind boggling work mate but as usual doing a brilliant job mate(y)
Help Rob seems to work but can not post

I Get a
vBulletin Message
Your submission cloud not be processed because a security token was missing

all most forgot on a Nokia E71 (y)
use the old style just now malu i have the e71 too bobster is working on the problems to iron them out but not at the moment

This is how it's supposed to look? :)

This is how my iPhone 3G displays the site.
Im using the 3g iPhone and the new mobile theme works great. Only one problem I can't seem to find where to go to the next page. eg. "next page". All I can find is where it says for example page 1 of 7 then the link to the "last page". Can't see a way of getting to page 2?:confused:
On the laptop now...

When i was trying to post my last comment using the iphone on the mobile version I got the same missing security token message Malu got.

I will upload a couple of screenies to show what im on about if image shack starts working for me again:mad2:
its still to be sorted out yet as bobster has more important things on his mind at the moment namely his wedding lol
Kl kl. Dont want him thinking am critisizing his work. Hes done a great job (y)
Hope it all goes well for the wedding :D

Heres the screenies I was trying to upload last night...



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