At last!!!!!!


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Sep 12, 2007
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On the 6/12/08 I drove up to Chester(ish) to pick up the last Roush spoiler from the group buy from Matt (cougarfella). For the last 19 months, for one reason or another, it's been languishing under my/our bed waiting to be sprayed. Last week I took it in to sprayed, and today it was finally fitted. Yay.:):) I'm really happy with the result, it was definitely worth the wait.






This is the view from our kitchen window, guess where I'll be spending a lot of time, washing up definitely won't be a chore now.:D
Love the ROUSH.
By eck Steve, you did well to get ya mits on that one mate :)(y)

As I believe, the other 2 'members' that got them haven't been seen on here since. BTW, do you recognise the look Al? MS designs front splitter, Roush rear spoiler?
Oh yes, pre-full roush:

Snetterton 08:

I was so glad you fitted the Roush bodykit, as when I got the spoiler, if it had been fitted there and then, my car would have been a (nearly) carbon copy of your's (no bad thing). The only thing your's was/is missing is a Duratec.:p:p:p:p
No, I'm sorry Steve...I just don't like it......coz it would look far better on mine!! LOL. Mate, that is looking sweet as, you lucky sod lol.