At long last...well nearly


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Apr 26, 2005
Nr Evesham Worcestershire
A few shot of the car kitted up at last.
Undecided on the Roush spoiler so done a few with it temporarily stuck on.
The exhausts have got to be tweaked up a slight bit and undecided on the fog light covers, thought i would put it all on and go from there.
And booked in for rear tints after Xmas :D :D









that looks superb rich a job well done, really clean fit by the looks and as for the spoiler I think it goes well with the kit :D cant waite tro see some pics when you get the tints sorted
very nice matey looks really good . but if you decide not to fit that lovely rear spoiler would you consider selling it ? :D :D :D
to be honest though i think it finishes off the kit mate :D :D
Looks super mate.......... my preference is without, car looks longer and sleek...... Will look superb either way.
Thanks very much all, really pleased with the way it all panned out, few little things to do but nearly there, alloys need a refurb but can't find a place around me to get them done properly, most just want to spray them with the tyres on :? the spoilers growing on me but will leave it off for a few weeks just in case.
Pid_16V said:
Where did you get your cougar headrest logo's Rich? :LOL:
They were made up by place in the link below, they were in a silver circle but the concave headrests made them impossible to fit.
They did the Roush graphics as well.
Looks good that mate, i'm not one for bodykits anymore after ruining one of my previous cars (no sorry all my previous cars) with shoddy stick on bits, but that looks really good......Better with the spoiler I think (it does kinda feel left out if its off)
:idea: Tony has got a silver tailgate for sale with the spoiler holes already in place :wink:

Thanks for thre link, i don't know why i didnt think of them myself, i have had dealings with them, It's where i got the rear window logo for mine :? :roll: