ATTENTION blurple owners with mudflaps

Tom G

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Feb 27, 2008
North Lincolnshire
Can any blurple owners with mudflaps please post a couple of pics? I'm considering getting some for mine but am undecided on how they'll look.
i don't have any mudflaps on my ebony if that helps???? hehe :)
I don't like them personally, I think they make the car look abit dated somehow... But each to their own :wink5:
Heres a pic of my cougar with mudflaps on rear....


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If i needed to decide "mudflaps or not". Today would have forced my decision, i had to drive along a half mile stretch of re-surfaced road (gravel) . It was a nightmare, listening to all that gravel hitting, even though i was only doing 15mph. I was also very lucky there was no traffic coming from the opposite direction.
Didn't some members find them rubbing paint off??

they do rub the paint off but only if they aren't fitted tightly enough and allowed to move and scratch the surface..

I did used to have a set on mine but took them off to clean up when i got new rims and when the roush kit went on they wouldn't fit again and i managed to loose one of them somewhere in my garage????

They looked fine on mine (but they blended easier, what with mine being a superior black cat ;) )and because of the cougar emblem etc on them they were pretty smart and they do a good job in keeping the crap spraying up onto your paintwork
I'm looking at putting flaps on my black coug as well, as think it will improve on the do you improve an already beautiful car...oh god! did I just say that out loud! lol