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Aug 9, 2007
Im pleased to say the forum is now fully repaired. Debugging is now switched off and the forum speed should now be back to normal.

A few things I ask of you guys.

1) If you cannot post in over 18's without a message displaying about admin approval please PM me. It needs to be repaired by tweaking a few settings on individual accounts.

2) Post counts. I have repaired the problem with post counts but as I dont remember every members post count can anyone with a incorrect post count please again PM me with a rough idea of what it was and I will reset it. So far I have reset Phil Robbo and Rich B's to what they have said they were.

3) As I have altered the autologin cookie please can you clear your web browser of cookies so the forum can download the new on to your pc. If you use the remeber me button then you will need to log into the forum once and the garage once. The cookie should then log you in every time after.

4) I had to purge the PM cache as the server is currently storing a lot of pm's therefore I will be lowering the amount of stored PM's to registered users only to 30 per inbox. Subscribers will remain unchanged. This is to ease the load on the server and reduce storage.

I have also updated the forum software to the latest revision while we were off so we now shouldnt have any downtime for the forseeable future.

It's all good bobster, I'm personally not bothered about my post count being slightly down tbh, I'm just happy you managed to sort everything so quickly........
R-E-S-P-E-C-T to the bobster!!(y)
Nice one Rob, just one small question from me though. When I tried typing up a new thread, which took me almost 10 mins - I don't type very fast - plus I was on a works "dial up" computer, I just finished my timed me out! and I lost the lot??? I have found this at home too?? Why does the forum log me out after 10 mins whether I'm busy reading a post, writing a thread or just not done anything for 10 mins?? Can this be changed to say 20 mins or something?? Not sure if others have come across the same problem?


Lazy little sod should have sorted this ages ago ... its not like this on .nob :mad5:

I love you really Rob and want to have your children :D

Cracking job .... as ever me young cod head (y)
Well done Rob (y)

Quick question. I know it has been gone for quite a while now, but was there any particular reason you removed the link to our garage vehicles from our posts. I thought that option was cool :smile5:

Is it easy to put it back ?
nice one m8y (y) can you put my post count back up to 20000 now please m8
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