Be gentle, it's my first time.



Evening all,

Well, I've been out today and bought my first Cougar. It's a V6 manual with the X-pack, on a V plate in a delicate shade of frosty with fried eggs intact.

Pics etc will be going up in due course and I shall be handing over some more of my hard-earned to subscribe to this fine forum and owners club, but for now i'll restrict myself to saying hello.

Hello and welcome first of all congratulations on purchasing a cougar, secondly have you got the grin? And finally how many times have you turned round just to get another look?.
You will find lots of info and some good banter along the way!
Welcome to shadowrunner, may I compliment you on your excellent taste, not only in choice of car, but in colour too!(y)
Welcome to the club buddy, if you need ANY assistance just shout, i'm in Northwich up the road.(y):beer:
Welcome from another newbie (actually, I'm not a newbie, it's been 5 days and I'm still grinning!)

Hello Shadowrunner - good decision!! I'll keep a lookout for you - I got my Cougar last Sunday, and am also in sunny Stafford!! So if you see a blurple X reg kicking around the town, remember to say hello!!
Thanks for the warm welcome everyone.

tim310597, I think I saw you near ASDA towards the end of last week. I don't think there's many other blurple cats in Stafford anyway.