Black sunshine - Finally unveiled



Same pics as in TRAX, but for those who can not be bothered with all the waiting for 50 odd pics to load!!






She will need to go back to the bodyshop, as there are some major flaws with the finish.

Plus the exhaust needs re-building. And it all needs meshing. The front needs dropping. Tints are needed.... the list goes on! ha ha

Hope you all like!
Kit looks good Rod. From the photos, I'd say that the spoiler is in proportion to the rest of the bodykit - particularly like the wheel arches.
CF bonnet looks good too, but my favourite items are the wheels.

Sorry to hear that after all this wait that its still not as it should be - Hope its gets sorted properly soon.
Must be good to be back on the road though !
:D Rodders it looks great man, I apreciate that it is not quite had it's finishing touches but no doubt it will be the dogs gonads when it's done. Look like my guess was close I described your silhouette teaser as possibly an evolved Cougar S that is what it appears to be. Well done for persevering I think you have achieved a look that is unique to you. 8) 8)
Rodders old chap, looks like your car will be a stunner when completed. Looking forward to seeing her close up at MM on Friday. :LOL:
Oohh.. not yet, I'll do one now. Her arse is definately one of the best angles! Just wait until the exhaust is refitted and the back is meshed, and lights smoked!! :eek:

Its a shame the camera can not really capture what the eye sees. Same goes for shag - the rear end of the car is absolutely stunning. It looks so much better in the flesh. You'll see on friday! 8)

There was only 1 better looking arse all day i think.. and that was attached to the brunette on the Clarion stand :wink:
looks rather tasty that, although your wheels look a little lost.....spacers perhaps?
Rod, if you get the studs we could fit them and the spacers (sorry, Paul's spacers) at MM. Let me know in advance though. :LOL:
I will do matey. I am going to try fit them today at a mates garage (If they have the right parts).

Also stewart, can I ask a MASSIVE favour?

At MM, Can I borrow your rear light clusters for a bit? I need to make my mind up if I want to get the rears smoked, left alone or covered.
KingRoderick said:
At MM, Can I borrow your rear light clusters for a bit? I need to make my mind up if I want to get the rears smoked, left alone or covered.

Of course you can.
Only condition is that I will take them off and refit them. If I scratch my paintwork, I'll be annoyed with myself but if you scratch it I'll be annoyed with both of us. :roll:

See you there. :LOL:
Thats perfectly fine mate. If you scratch mine, do not worry, it will have to be resprayed again anyway!! :LOL: