Ace Melon

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Aug 10, 2009
Market Rasen, Lincs
And so it continues. I weakened and fitted the wheels I got off John a couple of weeks ago.
225/40 18s on the back and 215/35s on the front does give the TC a hissy fit when driving spiritedly. Not tried it after pressing the TC button yet. Mainly because I forgot I had one until the wife reminded me :giggle:

Speaking of the wife. Look what she did to my UIM for me today. I had an old pot of engine paint in the garage and a pack of poundlands finest artist brushes. Turns out she enjoys painting stuff!!! She's done a cracking job, really neat lines. And then suggested I painted the UIM bolts yellow coz it would look nice...and I think it does. (yes I know the bolts aren't actually fitted, I painted them black and the washers yellow)

Thanks for the comments.
Yellow and black was the colour of my F600 race bike :) I think it works!
Maybe not a show car, But I don't feel the need to park at the back anymore. Just the big ding to get sorted and the alloys to refurb then it's done!

maybe some side skirts.

and perhaps....... ;)