Bored so washed Moms car lol


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Sep 20, 2004
Atherstone, North Warwickshire
The title sounds like a bit of a cop out, but even though its TRAX tomorrow @ Silverstone my own car doesn't need a clean, as I washed it on Wednesday (then it rained for two days :LOL:) still I've been meaning to wash my Moms car for ages, it has this in-ground black dust all over the bodywork from when we had the road re-surfaced (and that was the beginning of the year :eek:)
Luckily its a Red car so it wasn't looking that bad, apart from that dirt as you will see.

:mad5:and some little oik had decided to carve a Tag into the bonnet (I'd like to carve something into him, my fist maybe)

Still bit of colour magic polish will cover that up :sosp:

Car needed to be bathed in a cleaning solution before I could even start washing it to get rid of that dirt, used some all-purpose cleaner, as it didn't matter what i striped off as I was gonna re-wax it anyway. You should have seen the muck coming off :eek::eek::eek:

Thats just on the drivers door :nono:

Got the old Turtle-Wax Zip-wax on it after that (after hosing that muck off 1st) good scrub, rinse, then dried with a Chamois (I need a new one its had it)
As You can see it wasn't looking too bad at this point.

Just needs that little extra from the polish.....:eek:..oops I'd almost run out of the Red polish (I'm not buying anymore) so it was just a case of polishing the most viewable bits of the car and any bad spots like the Tag, and around door handles were the paint was scratched (probably from finger nails) right pain to polish off by hand yet again, although not as hard as when I polished my Cougar last as I didn't use that much polish :wink5:

Results speak for themselves, looking good for a 13year old car (1996)

(y) Matt
That's a mighty good job Matt (y)
Pity you don't live nearer as my daughter's 18 year old Escort could do with some of that TLC :smile5:
Not bad, get some Autoglym Paint Renovater on the bumper to stop it pinking though : )
Yeah its funny you should say that they have gone a paler shade to the bodywork. Needs a good detailing really I didn't get into all the nooks and cranys, some rust spots and dents and the wheel covers are rank, but it does them. They go fishing a lot and walking, they really could do with a 4x4 like a land rover, but my mom is short :LOL:
Nice Job, new chamois you say you should give a meguiars water magnet a go! (y)
I've been told a Micro-fiber cloth works well too, chamois was new when I brought car so its lasted well ;)

Yeah they are good too, I do like all the Meguiars range pretty much all I use :smilewinkgrin:
Well to revise this thread I've washed my parents new car today because they haven't washed it since they brought it back in May! :eek: Focus C-max (yeah I know I said it was too big) 1.6L Duratec...??? Yeah I4 engine like a Zetec only about 3k on the clock as it was ex-motorbility, not bad for a 2007 motor!
As you can see the past 4 months haven't been kind, the wheel trims were brown with brake dust and the car was dull (it was nice and shiney when they picked it up) black parts were going grey too.



A good hose and then scrub with Turtle-wax Zip-wax, rinse then dry off with chamois and application of a bit of Back to Black and we get this...a much better looking motor :)