Busy day


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Feb 29, 2008
Castleford, West Yorks
Had a productive day today between rain showers.
Fitted brand new ford front shockers.
New and old:


New drop links to front along with new pinch bolts and ball joint bolts..glad i did with this one:


Fitted new cv boot cos the 6 month old one i fitted before had split.

All clean and painted:


Also fitted new bearing to aux belt idler wheel..engine a lot quieter now..amazing what a difference it made.

New shockers are a vast improvement..went for a test drive and was actually looking for potholes to drive over..no more crashing and clattering:D

On the down side the wishbones are nashed, and a ball joint too.. noticeably worse since i lowered the car 6 months ago.

Just need to sort out my zorst now..job for tomorrow that... its hitting the body and making a right racket now thanks to a speedbump:incazzato:
Nice job mate. CV boot split after 6 months??

Yep..it was one or those universal ones that you trim down to size..really thin piece of rubbish really. New one is a lot better thick stuff..well the second one was..the first i was given was the wrong one..too big:

i see monroe do the sensatrac for them,was thinking of getting them and lowering springs,i know the feeling just done my laguna all round suspension springs wish bones drop links,axle bushes,then my strut top bearing went aghhhhh,was like driving a new car so now time for the cat to get done