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Jun 9, 2010
I've got a tidy 1999 (94K, FSH) v6 with X pack lined up. Everything looks clean, no cam chain knocking, suspension is clean and brakes are virtually rust either. I read somewhere that fuel pumps can overheat if the fuel level drops below quarter and that the console and start-up sequence can go awol...also something about the starter motor being a bit weak and the alternator to battery link being a bit on the thin side, but again I can't find that website. Damn me for rushing. Anyway, none of that lot were apparent last night when I saw it. In fact, I'm struggling to work out why the owner is only asking for £1K. Clearly I'm not going to pass it up, however.

I could have sworn I saw a link to a buyers guide on the forum or on the main Cougars OC website yesterday but cannae find it now. Was it wishful thinking?

If all goes well I will be a bona fide Cougar owner by Saturday.

yes, the things you mention can fail, but the cougar is no more likely to fall foul than any other.

Check all the dash boards lights light up when they should, check the wishbones and the clutch.

The 3 biggies are wishies and clutch and rust.

Alternator change is a pig as well, but if everything is presently working as it should, for a grand you will be very happy.

Check the fuel consumption as well (there is a trip computer). Sounds daft, but if you are getting really poor consumption while driving normally (i mean below 20 mpg) then you could have lambda sensor issues, which can be a pain the ass.

Welcome to the club btw
They aren't worth much more than that unless they have notably low mileage, to be frank.

Wishbones will cost you over £300 to source and are awkward to fit. There's no aftermarket variant and the bushes cannot be changed.
Thankfully the wishbones and bushes look good for now. The whole suspension looks like it was overhauled about 3 years ago. I can imagine a big heavy car with stiffer suspension can be quite tough on those bits stuck out in wet and the salt of winter. I've tended to use ACF50 on suspension and Waxoil on brake lines in the past and that seems to keep the worst corrosion at bay. This car is in really good nick for a 10 year old.

The current owner went out of his way to show the electrics working OK, although the air con is in need of a regassing....not a problem so far this year eh?

I'll check the clutch more carefully tonight. I'm going back for a second viewing having made a list of the things that I missed last night.

Anyway, thanks for the feedback and I hope you stay dry wherever you are.

Can't say I personally have had that many problems as mentioned with my cat in the 5 years I've owned it, apart from a wishbone (£110 not £300, dunno were Tom shops?) couple of drop-links (the cougars suspension wasn't designed properly in my opinion as these can go regularly, think it was dropped too far or something, either that or its set up for smooth roads not our rubbish!) however even that problem is now sorted i think once the Eibach's were on.
Never heard anyone ask about the timing chain either it pretty well bullet proof
Its worth noting i've done about 40k now in mine.