Buying a cougar. What are the pitfalls?

Main problem areas that will cause you an expense are the wishbones and the alternator, both very expensive jobs.

relatively, the car is a cracking one for the money
It isn't top spec check out for sale section on here . get them to start the car cold any knock x 3 walk away big ends are shot
wheel bearing and wishbones becoming an issue but these will mostly be original so 10 years is a damn good lifes span!.
rot at rear of sill is starting to happen but not a big issue good luck in your search.

I've bought the cougar now. 2.5V6, 95,000 2 owners FSH. Drives very nicely, engine seems fine so far very pleased. The only issue that's become apparant is a knocking from the rear over pot holes. Are there any known issues with knocking from the rear, or is a case of checking the usual things, ie anti roll bar bushes and links? Or are there any known issues with the shocks / coils?


did you check the rear subframes condition? as these are prone to rusting and snapping arb brackets,as there are a few things that can cause rattles from the back best thing is to go over everything you can see

Thats what I though first, drop links. How hard is it to change the bushes as well? On the mondeo I had, you had to start unbolting the subframe on the front to change the drop links due to the way the bolts had been put in. Is it relatively straightforward job on the cougar to change the rear bushes?

hi phil do you mean lower the front subframe to do the arb bushes as the droplinks are easy access lol,there straight forward enough to do on the rear mate and if your skinny enough you dont even need to jack the car up to do them
Droplinks are easy. ARB bushes are easy as well, but the bolts are normally very badly corroded and can snap when removing them. Use loads of wd40~ and work the bolts back and forth untill they start to move.


Thanks for the replies so far. Heres the only pic I have currently. The bodywork is pretty much imaculate on the car as are the wheels and the interior. I'm also impressed with the traction control and climate control. The only thing that puzzles me is why they didn't put quick clear on? It's soo handy I'm surprised it wasn't fitted.


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