phil robbo

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Oct 4, 2004
Well the Cougar finally left for its new home with Tony today, as it drove off I couldn`t help admitting to myself ... its still a good looking car, last few shots.



End of an era Phil - end of an era. You and your good lady were amongst the first people we met from the forum and you made us very welcome mate.

Hope you get as much pleasure from the scoobie and I'm sure that Tony will consider himself very fortunate to be getting such a fine cat (y)
sad day for you and di phil :cry:the cougar was a credit to you mate(y) ,seen your scoobie close up and thats sure to be in the same leauge when you,ve finished tinkering with it:):)
Phil must have been difficult watching your Cat drive away after all you put in to her Tonys got one fine example hope you enjoy the Scooby.
At least it's gone to a good home And it was driven away not loaded on to a hiab to never be seen again . I agree with others this car was and still is a credit to you.
Was that silver car the taxi he came in to pick it up Phil.....oh sorry its your scooby ;) (i'm gonna get stabbed now) shame to see it go mate you had some good times and some bad times in that car (Lemans 2007 stuck in the feilds mud springs to mind) hopefully you wont go all dewey eyed over it...your from Newcastle way aye people don't cry in Newcastle they shed tears of grit :LOL:
such a shame phil but suppose we have to move on to pastures new at some point but what a fantastic looking cougar mate one of the tidiest blurples ive seen including mine lol
Absolutely right - it's a great looking car! Looks odd without your number plate on it Phil.

As has been said, end of an era but I am sure you will have magic things planned for the Scooby.
Absolute credit to you Phil, you keep a fine car mate. I suppose in one way your glad it's gone, at least it's not sat right outside your door anymore, everytime you look out the window or when you go out the door etc.
I'm sure the scoobie will be kept in your accustomed manner, thats one lucky scoobie, and I know you havn't been a member very long, but you know your always welcome here :cry:(y)
Not right without D1 8 PHL. That was probably the end of the chapter when you put the original plates on. You must have welled up at one point Phil, with a motor that smart you would have. You already know I think that was by far the smartest blurple in the club. Still, you've a new toy to give that attention too, that's a lucky Scoob ;)
Your a braver man than me Phil - don't think I could part with mine and watch it drive away (even if it is staying within the club) - but there again I'm just a sentimental old fart and get too attached to some of my cars (notice I said "some"....whereas I was glad to see the back of some of them!! lol).

I'm sure you'll have fun with your Scoob and no doubt there will be a few mods along the way! lol
Must of been hard to see it go Phil but good for you to know it'll be looked after to the high standard it's been acustomed to. That Coug was certainly a credit too you mate and one of my favourites on the club.