Can you guess were we went today ?


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Jul 29, 2007
South coast in a cougar
Well a few of us went for a road trip today , we visited some were some of you might recognise and know . Thought i would share a couple of piccys with you .
1st to guess the right venue wins a rotten apple :sick: :LOL::LOL:





Anyone know ?
Well done Charlie your correct , its a real shame that this great brittish icon is in this state but what an all inspiring place to visit , truly fantastic place to visit with so much to do we are planning a return visit later in the year .
Now were do you want your rotten apple sent to lol
Rachel and I had a great day Ian, you should have seen the look on Donna's face when I drove to the top of the bank. :LOL:
Brooklands race track ( or whats left of it ) is in Weybridge in Surrey , about 15 mins drive of the M25 .
Absolutily fantastic venue , the pics really dont do the banked track any justice , the elevation from the track base to the top of the bank is 29 ft and when you climb to the top it really is a challage to stay on your feet . Its almost impossible to think that the classic race cars with huge spoked wheels and drum brakes could be thrown around this track at speeds in exccess of 200mph with the driver wearing little more than a coconut shell for a crash helmet and a fag on the go . No wonder this track is famous not just for the sporting heros that won here but also for the more sad fact so many race drivers were killed here .
It truly is a must for any true motorsports fan to pay a visit to
Very mate most of the track is gone , destroyed buy the German bombing during ww2 and quite a lot has been lost to redevelopment of the area . Whats left is tragic but still very inspiring to visit . Truly a magical place to visit mate

Personally i think they should flatten the bloody houses and rebuild the track!!!

The history in that place is amazing and should be kept for others to see and enjoy, not build sodding rabbit hutches on!!!!!

I could get much stronger on this but i will resist lol
Wow!! great pic's there mate. Would love to go there myself, would be great if we could get about 30 or 40 Cougs there, that would make a hell of a shot...perhaps a combined UKCOUGAR.Com & SCC meet????

Also I spy an infiltrator at the back of the 2nd that a red Corvette I spy??? lol
When we head back there we will deffo make it a joint meet if you guys are interested .
And yep Tim your right its a classic stingray which is owned by one of our members family and he tags a long from time to time .
All my pics are available on my facebook