Carbon Bonnet



Thanks to KingRoderick i now own his carbon fibre bonnet, i spent a good afternoon lining it up and getting the gap as equal as i could. I think i may get a blue laquer done as from these pics its stands out too much, i will get some side pictures as well.






Hi Just wondering if the scoop is actually open to the engine bay. Wouldn't it be grteat if you could duct it to the air intake :D

Think you should match it in with the rest of the body colour. Funnily enough I think the problem is that there is not enough contrast between the body and bonnet colours. Have seen some cars look OK with black bonnets but these are usually colours like yellow. :smile5:
I saw pictures of someone who had done that and it looked great. It was on a silver Cougar though.:D

Looked a bit like the new Hyundi Coupe.
Its good to see you have fitted it Ed, glad you are pleased with it.

Yes, the scoop is a real one that goes into the engine bay - it helped the induction kit out nicely :)

Black Sunshine is looking very sorry for its self with mostly standard parts on now - I really need to find someone with a bit of cash and a desire to get it up to show winning standard - something I got so close to, but ran out of funds/got a girlfriend!!!!

Ed - Best of luck with your project!!!
it looks just as good on yours pathtogo as it did on rods, as for painting the roof black, did mine and it looks good on silver (y)
If i had cash to burn id be tempted to do the V spray pattern on my bonnet you see in the USA in white with a white roof to match my wheels. Maybe a photoshop is in order? (y)
Not sure what it would look like but the silver with black looks great.
I saw i car today in max power, it was black with white roof and a v shape on the bonnet, i must say it did look great. he had the insides of the vents sprayed white too with little white touches here and there.

Go for it Paul, would be something fresh.
I like it alot looks real beasty, i think you should keep it how it is.